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Tommy Ruff
Tommy ruff inhabit the southern coastal waters of South Australia They can be found along beaches, off rocks, in estuaries and bays usually attracted to piers and rotting weed banks in search of food. Tommy rough often school in large numbers.
Very similar to catching garfish, however tommies will swim mid water too, so you can sometimes target them not using a float.
How To Catch A Big Tommy Ruff!
Tommy Ruffs are part of the herring, salmon, sardine & pilchard family & are a great way to get the family started in the responsible fishing lifestyle. Try a local jetty just after dusk or in the early morning for best results – here are some further tips from Greg James:
Use light gear & a rod with a very flexible tip.
Best bait is gents, cockles, worms or fish flesh, but needs to be soft.
Try setting a small wire burley cage above your hook set-up.
Fish over weed & rocky bottom where tommies are companion fish with gar & salmon trout.
Attach some light ball sinkers below the burley cage/float to enable the baits to sink quickly to avoid the pesky smaller fish when first setting up.
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