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This member of the pike family the Snook inhabits cool southern waters of South Australia. Favouring shallow waters to 20 metres with sand and weed patches.Paravanes are an effective way of getting your un bibbed lure to the strike zone. Normally hang around weed beds and can be caught by using small ganged hooks on a float with a pilchard bait.Size1kg - 2kg

Puts up an average fight when hooked.

Bait and Tackle
bait: Blue bait, Fish flesh, Pilchard, White bait

lure: Deep diving

Link: 2 - 6kg main line with a 10kg mono or wire trace required.

Hook: No. 4 - 6/0 (small fish), 8/0 - 12/0 (large fish).

Rig: Heavy tackle. Unweighted gear. Trolling gear.

Minimum legal length
45 cm measured from tip of snout to tip of tail  

Personal daily bag limit

Daily boat limit

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