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The Port River South Australia

Lets face it the old river is not what it used to be.In the 1950 and 60`s it was thriving with fish but big chemical industrys soon put a stop to that.But it is on the come back trail,we even have our own dolphins.

The only problem now is that all of our once loved fishing sots have been fenced off by big industry to keep vandles out.

The good news is all you need is small cheap boat and you can access some great fishing spots.You have a few places to launch,Garden Island,Snowdens Beach or there is still one near the Birken Head Tavern which will do for a small boat.

So lets start with some of the old fishing spots.

The Birkenhead bridge is great spot for large Bream and Mulloway just try casting a small frog mouth pilchard in near the pilons at night or early morning on a high tide.

Just out front the Birkenhead Tavern is great spot for smaller Bream,worms,whitebait or prawns for bait.

Just around the corner under the new bridge is a rock wall cast in that direction can also produce Bream.

Then we come to the cement wharf we used to fish this area when we were kids and got our fair share of hook ups.Anywhere around the pilons is worth a try for big Mulloway or Bream.Also try where the Accolade ties up its a good spot too.

The Caltex refueling wharf a known Bream spot at night use live bait if possible cause these Bream are pretty big.

Now we don't have much till we get to Penrice but the whole area between penrice and the rowing club is worth a try trolling a shiny lure for salmon,its also a good spot for mullet in the winter.

Penrice Wharf,Osborne Power Station old wharf and the old loading dock right up to the fence at Veitch rd are prime spots for big Mulloway and bream.With Salmon along the old loadig dock.

The old Eglo Wharf each end try for bream or even the odd Flat Head.

Out front the ship building place is always worth a try at night.

The fence at the end of the sub base is worth a try for Bream and Mullet also use white bait and u might pick up Salmon.

Then go across the river over to the Quarintine Station where the waters not very deep but I have hooked on to some legal size mulloway by cast in toward the old jetty there.

Back across the river we are in Mullet country right around the bend to u come to the container wharf where you want to try for Bream.

Well that's about it if you only have a small tiny you don't want to go much further than this because it can get pretty rough heading through the breakwaters but on nice day fish the end of the breakwater for Flat Head and Snook.

So get the old boat out give it a go,what have you got to lose,good luck.

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