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Jetty fishing is a great past time and can be sometimes more productive than fishing from a boat.Fishing from a jetty is the most relaxing types of fishing,owning a boat is very costly and time consuming and you must have somewhere to keep it.

Jettys around Yorke Peninsula
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Ardrossan:This jetty is used by lots of peoople because its so close to Adelaide.The main catches from this jetty are Blue Crabs during the warmer months and Squid all year round.It is not real long but long enough and for those that come prepared there is always the chance of Snapper over night from the end.
Stansbury:This is a great little jetty,although it always seems big enough to accommodate everybody.In the warmer months there are big Blue Crabs here,other catches include Tommy Ruff,Garfish and Squid.It is one of my favourite jetty locations.
Wool Bay:This is a short jetty and is known for its squid catches,you can also score Tommy Ruff and Garfish early morning and dusk.
Port Giles:Dont quote me on this but i think this huge jetty is closed to the public.I would do some checks before going all that way.We used to get large Tommy Ruff,Garfish and squid when it was open.

Edithburgh:Short jetty,not my favourite never seem to catch much here except a few Squid.

Marion Bay:Quite a long jetty that has tthe biggest squid i have ever seen so use some heavy line here,you can also try for Snook,Mullet and Salmon Trout.
Stenhouse bay jetty:A nice size jetty i a beautiful spot good for catching Squid,Tommy Ruff,Salmon Trout and Mullet.
Point Turton:Well what can i say not much here.Short jetty,some squid and Mullet not in big numbers.
Port Rickaby:Not a real big jetty but a great spot for Squid,Tommy Ruff early in the morning.

Port Hughes:This is a fairly long jetty mainly used to catch Blue Crabs in summer.Its also a good place to get a feed of squid and Garfish.It also has yellowfin Whiting in the shallows during summer.
Moonta Bay:A short jetty you can crabs and squid here,Tommy Ruff early morning or dusk the best place is in the corner.It also has Yellowfin Whiting in the shallows.

Wallaroo Jetty:This is a very large jetty the commercial end is only open between 7am and midnight when there is no boat in port.It the main jetty for Blue Crabs,iv even caught them here in winter,there is squid,Tommy Ruff,Snapper from the deep end and Yellowfin Whiting in the shallows.

Port Victoria:This is my absolute favourite jetty it is only small but we come once in summer and once in winter and bag out on squid and garfish everyday depending on weather.We come on the same dates every year and never miss out.When we are cleaning them in the caravan park the boat owners cant believe we just went down the jetty and caught that much and they got none.

Port Brougton:Well this is not much of a jetty but there are Yellowfin Whiting in the shallow bit sometimes and Tommy Ruff off the end morning and dusk.
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