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Blue Swimmer Crabs
Size between 11 and 20cm measured across the back of shell between last set of spines.

Found mostly in South Australias Northern areas some good spots include Wallaroo,Pt Broughton,Stansbury and Ardrossen.
Fishing SA for Crabs

Fishing for Blue crabs in South Australia is one of summer times greatest past times and a must do if you havn`t tried it.Its easy is fun,you dont need any expensive bait and tackle and they are easy to cook and add to recipes if you want.
Im going to tell you how,where,when to get a feed everytime.You dont need a gps or a boat,although they come in handy they just add to the cost.

First we start of when to catch them generally its in the warmer months of the year.Time of day dosn`t matter but its better if your fishing when the tides got a bit of movement in it eg running because the crabs run with the tide.
Crabs can be caught two different ways in SA drop netting and racking which is done from northern beaches at low tide.At the moment im covering fishing with drop nets.

All you need is few nets and some old bait you can using fish heads,guts,squid anything from the sea anything else such as chicken carcus is no longer aloud and againts the law so dont go getting pinched fishing with chicken,although it makes a crackajack bait fishing SA with it will get you a fine.

A good tip is to make cages out of plastic gutter gaurd and some wire,fill them with all your fish guts tie them inthe bottom of the nets.
Now i have a favourite fishing spot 1:45 min from Adelaide where if you follow everything i tell you ,you come home with a catch of crabs its Wallaroo jetty.Go during the quiet times and you get more than a feed.

Now with crabs at $18.00 kilo that 4 crabs it doesnt take long to get your money back.

Cooking them and cleaning them is even as easy then you can eat the meat on its own or put it in your favourite seafood recipe you can even freeze the meat for up to a month.

Where possible use sea water to cook them in or roughly the same consistancy.Wait for it to boil then drop the crabs in,wait for it to come back to the boil and cook them for a further 8mins then thats it your crabs are cooked.Wait them to cool down remove shell,mussle and bone and you have your meat to do what you like with.

Racking for crabs is much harder work and can only be done around the weed patches on our northern beaches where the tide goes out.All you need is a pair of sandshoes and a crabe rake and scatch around the weed patches,sometimes you can sea them buried in the sand,but its not my prefered method.
Follow what of said and you will get a good feed.

In the hotter months you can even get them of our local jettys.

Just get a bait from your local fish munger,some sell it some,some give it away.

So thats how to fish for Blue Crabs in South Australia.

Females with external eggs are totally protected and must be returned to the water immediately.

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